Pine Muskoka Chair Kit

This is a good option to get a Muskoka chair at an affordable price. The kit contains all of the parts in white Northern pine, you just need to screw it together, preserve it (recommended), finish it and then enjoy it! Don't forget, with so many lovely coloured finishes out there you can have your own customised chair. The Knot-free version is 98% knot-free but if there are knots they are very small and not seen when assembled.

The kit comes in a good size box and shows it is Made in Canada. It would make a great gift or if you get satisfaction from making things this kit is perfect for you. Assembly takes 1-2 hours although the record is 29 minutes!

Approx overall size of assembled chair in Canadian measurements: Height - 36 inches; Width - 31 inches; Depth - 34 inches

In European measurements: Height - 91cm; Width - 79cm; Depth - 86cm

The paddles (armrests) are just over 6 inches (16cm) wide.

The Grande Knot-free Muskoka Chair is the same shape and size of our Deluxe Western Red Cedar Muskoka Chair:
Approx overall size of chair in Canadian measurements: Height - 38 inches; Width - 34 inches; Depth - 36 inches.
In European measurements: Height - 96cm; Width - 86cm; Depth - 91cm
Paddle (armrests) approx 7 inches (17cm)


Measurements are approximate as kits are handmade and slight size variation should be expected.


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