Assembled Pine Muskoka Footstool

The assembled pine Muskoka footstool is made from our kit so it offers the same good quality Northern pine. After assembling the footstool we preserve it against wet rot and fungus, then cover it with two-three coats of exterior water-based paint. We are happy to finish it in any colour or a more natural looking stain, please contact us to discuss any non-standard finishes. Please note that paint finishes sit on the surface of the wood so are more prone to chipping than stain.

We are pleased to be able offer this Canadian footstool shape as it is very flexible and can be used with any garden chair as well as it being sturdy enough to use as a small stool (unlike the traditional shape footstool, like a wedge of cheese, which can only be used for this style of chair and you certainly couldn't sit on it).

Approx overall size of footstool in Canadian measurements: Height - 13 inches; Width - 18 inches; Depth - 16 inches.

In European measurements: Height - 33cm; Width - 46cm; Depth - 41cm

Measurements are approximate as footstools are handmade and slight size variation should be expected.

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