Assembled Deluxe Western Red Cedar Muskoka Chair

The assembled Western Red Cedar Muskoka Chair is made from our kit so it offers the same good quality Cedar and is larger than the pine chair. We take our Western Red Cedar kit, sand it some more and assemble it with screws and wood glue. This chair offers the widest paddles at just under 7 inches (17 cm) and are made from one piece of wood.

Western Red Cedar is extremely weather resistant and doesn't really need a protective coating, it can be left to weather to a silvery grey. However we offer the option of giving it an Oiled, Driftwood or Black Woodstain finish. If you want it left natural choose our part-assembled option as that has no finish on it.

For the Oiled option we give it a couple of coats of a natural oil protector so it enhances the natural colour rather than change it. We sand it between coats to give it a lovely smooth finish.
The Driftwood finish is given a light grey colour wash and then two coats of grey woodstain for added protection.
The Black Woodstain finish is given one coat of Black Woodstain to allow the natural grain of the wood to show through and a top coat of Clear Woodstain for added protection. If you have previously had a 'Weathered Wood' finish from us, this black finish is darker so please contact us about matching your existing your Chairs.

All of these finishes are subject to slight colour variations as although your chosen finish is exactly the same on each chair, the underlying wood will naturally have different tones and wood patterns. Also computer screens can sometimes misrepresent colours. Cedar has many colours ranging from dark to light wood so please contact us if the end colour is important as we want you to be happy with your purchase. For the same reason, if you are thinking of ordering two we would suggest ordering at the same time so we can match them.

Approx overall size of chair in Canadian measurements: Height - 38 inches; Width - 34 inches; Depth - 36 inches.

In European measurements: Height - 96cm; Width - 86cm; Depth - 91cm

Measurements are approximate as chairs are handmade and slight size variation should be expected.

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